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Who are we?

  • We are those who never want to be stranded;
  • We are those who like to get our hands dirty by repairing or restoring our motorbikes, because doing so is clever, fulfilling, fun, exciting, and even sexy;
  • We are the ones who don't like to be dumped by anyone or anything, especially our bike, even if old;
  • We are the ones who want our motorbikes to be always as vigorous as the teenage desire to own one;
  • We are the ones who transform our own reality into myth;
  • We are souls on motorbikes, and if a man or a woman has a motorbike, for us they are indifferently called 'Centaurs';
  • We are Centaurs aware that the motorbike, like the horse, must always be controlled to be ridden and properly driven;
  • We are a "motorbike myth" like the centaur Chiron, skilled in taking care of everything with our hands;


  • We Are KKBIKE INTERNATIONAL: we build indestructible spare parts that never 'leave anyone stranded'.




I summoned up all my mental energies to convince myself that this was what I liked, and that I would have done everything in my power to clear away the fog that was clouding me and that no longer made me see anything clearly in my life or my mind.

I found that I was passionate about the game, it was fun and engaging, and as I went on, little glimmers went through the mist, giving me a glimpse of the light that was peeking behind that smoky blanket.


But I had no other resources than my own: my character, my strength of mind, my creativity, my will to act and not just think, a renewed desire to do something that would, in some way, make the world notice that I was there too, that I existed and could do something good that would mark my passage, leave my footprints.


With this belief I asked my father for help, trying to explain all this to him, but if it was not clear to me, how could I convince someone else besides myself, so close but at the same time so far from me in terms of thought and lifestyle? It was a life on its last legs, one that he was struggling to keep going, even though he still had so much desire to help me. But he was my father and I was his first child, his favourite son according to him, even though this upset me because I loved my brothers very much and I am sure he did too.


He showed me his trust once again, and once again he did his job as a father very well, trying to lend a hand to a son who had always needed him and whom he needed, in an exchange of mutual affection, solidarity, and complicity of his father.


He gave me a very small loan, dipping into his very modest possessions, which I promised to return to him as soon as I could. But this was not the case, because too soon, for him and me, he left me to my fate as his was being fulfilled. But he had planted the seed well, once again, consciously, as that good 'educator' who knows that 'he who does not sow does not harvest'. And fortune assisted him and me in allowing that seed to take root, germinate and flourish.


I did nothing more than look after it as best I could, that seed, watering and fertilizing it when needed, putting all my love into carrying out that task that had been assigned to me as if in a dreamlike vision, which was what I had asked for and what I had been given the opportunity to accomplish.


From that seed, a small shrub was born, which today shows all its potential to become a tree, a big tree, a flourishing tree if cared for with the same love and passion that was infused in the early days, and that is why I am here now. And it is precisely for this task that I find the motivation for my presence at this time and in this context.


Today, the past seems very far away, that loan has been transformed into a kind gift from my parent who is no longer with us, which has given me the strength and desire to find myself again, with a renewed passion to live, with a clear and a serene mind, towards the goals I had always sought and which I now see as a distinct possibility of achieving.



Shouted the sailor to his captain after months of navigation in stormy seas, and the latter was grateful to have been informed that his chosen routes, although rough and uncertain, had achieved the much hoped-for outcome: to put his feet back on land, after so much dreaming and hoping, fighting against all adversities to reach the coveted goal. He was, however, aware that the disembarkation would have brought him and his crew to safety, with the possibility of being able to make new provisions of water and food for himself and his men, but he certainly did not know, once ashore, what would await him, nor what and how many new obstacles would be in his path.


It was an unknown land he was setting foot on for the first time, also knowing that he would not yet be able to put an exclamation mark next to the word 'end' of misadventures!

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But, despite his questions, he knew that he had gained a new strength and he was aware that, having faced so many threats and having defeated them, that same and renewed strength would give him the courage to dare and face any other situation that might cross his path.


providing me with a shoulder to lean on, but I have also inherited from my mother a bit of intelligence, but above all a great deal of fortitude and willpower that allows me to pursue my new life project with integrity; to pursue my goals with determination and to sense, beyond the mist, what the right steps should be, and that I should follow to get there, where I have aimed to arrive. And together with me, my irreplaceable life companion, who has always encouraged and spurred me to follow paths that I considered too dangerous and that later turned out to solely exist in my fears. She probably knew better than I did what life is and how it should be faced, concretely and humbly, as only certain women know, and she too invested and bet on me, even a little unconsciously, but believing in me and in my possibilities. And this does her justice, and I acknowledge and respect her, and I hope to continue to deserve her forever, as she is. The choice of uniting us and walking together in life was also a happy and decisive choice we made together. Everything that I do today, I dedicate to her, who has always been close to me, and I hope to have the time to be able to complete this 'mission' that we have pledged, together, to carry out successfully.




I will always know that I can count on her, and vice-versa. That is why, no matter the outcome, we will still have won; we, the resilient couple par excellence, that nothing stops, where no burden is too great if it is moved by the two of us. After all, you know, 'the path is more important than the goal'.



KK bike



"... In this Chautauqua I would like not to cut any new channels of consciousness but simply dig deeper into old ones that have become silted in with debris of thoughts grown stale and platitudes too often repeated. ‘What’s new?’ is an interesting and broadening eternal question but one which if pursued exclusively, results only in an endless parade of trivia and fashion, the silt of tomorrow. I would like, instead, to be concerned with the question ‘What is best?", which digs deep instead of wide."

(from: ROBERT MAYNARD PIRSIG, “Zen and Art of Motorcycle Manteinance”, 1974, p. 18)  


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When  you know that in this life we are always on the move because the path is more important than the destination

When you want to appear with a roar and cross spaces and time

When you treat victories and defeats in the same way while always remaining on your saddle

When you know that your traveling companion needs your hands only

When you know that only your hands know how to tune “her" and offer “her" safety while traveling through ever-changing landscapes

When “she" makes you celebrate life and you know that “she" is your best traveling companion




When you realize all this, you understand who we are for you!


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